About us

NCRLoans.ca is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec. We work hard to maintain a professional staff that is ready to help our clients and work with them to provide them with a positive customer service experience. We have an easy to use form for requesting personal loans and our process takes place online. This means that the process for requesting and receiving a payday loan is much faster than if someone chose to apply for that loan through a traditional lender. We take this process further because many of our lenders do not perform hard credit checks, allowing individuals who have had trouble with their finances in the past an opportunity to request a payday loan and a chance to work toward repairing that credit by repaying a small dollar, short term loan within the term of their agreement.

Our mission

Our aim is to help our clients request personal loans, regardless of their credit history or current financial status. It is our view that every one has the right to request personal loans, payday loans, short term loans, installment loans, or a cash advance. To that end, we have set up our service to assist these individuals in acquiring these types of small dollar, short term loans by submitting their information to multiple lenders which greatly increases their chances of receiving an approval. We also strive to provide fast service to our clients. This is why we work with direct lenders who are capable of providing our clients with direct deposits. This helps speed up the process of obtaining loans.

Why people choose NCRLoans.ca

Privacy is important to us and because of that we use industry standard best practices for internet security. This means that our clients can be assured that their financial data is protected when they do business with NCRLoans.ca.

With NCRLoans.ca there is no need for our clients to go searching for a storefront location. They can request a cash advance from the comfort of their home using their computer, tablet or smart phone without having to worry about transportation or making sure that they arrive at the store before it closes. There are no lines to wait in and no strangers to look over your shoulder and possibly read sensitive financial details that might aid them in identity theft.

The advantages of online lending are clear when compared with the experience of working with storefront lenders. NCRLoans.ca pairs this advantage with clean website design and explanations of how our process works, which we believe contributes to providing our clients with a solid customer service experience along with some ideas for the customer to consider when applying for a loan. We believe that all of this translates to our clients and helps them work toward their financial goals.