Short Term Loans

What is a short term loan?

Short term loans are also called personal loans, payday loans or a cash advance and are designed to be paid back on or before your next paycheque. They are usually given in amounts between $100 and $1000. Many institutions can offer these loans as can other smaller storefront lending operations and companies like NCR loans, which operate online and offer you increased chances for an approval by putting your request in front of multiple lenders.

If you feel that you will need more time to repay your short term loan, there is also the option of getting an installment loan. This type of loan is paid back over a longer period and with multiple payments. If you need a longer term loan, this option may be more suited to your lending needs. Make sure you ask your lender about installment loans if you are considering this option.

How to get a short term loan with bad credit?

Simply fill out our innovative online form that takes just three to five minutes to complete. Be sure that you fill in the information on the form accurately because any incorrect information could slow down the approval process or even cause your request to be declined. Double check the form before you submit it. Once you have submitted your form, simply sit back and wait to see if you have been approved.

If you have bad credit, don’t be discouraged from completing the form. Short term loans for bad credit are possible. Because our lenders work in smaller dollar amounts, they are able to be less invasive when examining your credit history. This increases the odds that your request for a loan will be approved, over your odds with a traditional bank, which does a more in depth type of check.

It is our feeling that everyone should be able to request loans regardless of their credit history. This is why we, at NCR Loans, work hard to put your request in front of as many lenders as we possibly can because we want to help you get your request approved.

Where to get a short term loan?

We know that you have many options when considering where you should request a short term loan. Store front lenders are the usual way, but we believe we have something better at NCR Loans. Our online process is innovative and it takes just a few minutes for you to finish what you need to do to get your request in front of our direct lending partners. It does not require that you leave your home or drive around looking for a store. You also don’t have to worry that the clerk at the counter is going to forget about your form and just leave it laying around somewhere, or lock it away in a filing cabinet to be forgotten.

Instead of having to go through all of that trouble, why not request your loan online? There are other advantages too. You don’t have to worry about someone looking over your shoulder to read all of your sensitive financial information and because we use industry standard best practices for internet security, you can feel confident that your information is protected.

You might be thinking: “I need money now!” The process of getting an online loan is much faster than getting a loan from a traditional bank too. Some of our lenders are capable of responding with an approval very rapidly and if you provide your account information when completing the form, many of our lenders are capable of making a direct deposit into your account, saving you time and a trip to the bank.

Can I get a short term loan with no credit?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Just fill out our form to find out if you qualify. Our lenders work in small dollar amounts and this means that it is more likely that the will consider accepting your request, because they don’t have a lot on the line. They are also more concerned about your ability to pay back the loan in your current situation and are less likely to focus heavily on your past lending behavior. Because of this, your chances of obtaining a loan with bad credit, a poor credit history, or no credit at all are greatly improved.

Many of the direct lenders working with NCR Loans perform what is called a soft or a non-traditional credit check. Some companies may try to offer you a “no credit check short term loan.” Be wary of companies making this claim. Every lender performs some sort of credit verification, even if all they do is look at your paystub, this is still a credit check. It is dishonest to say that they do not perform a credit verification at all.

What are the advantages of short term loans?

Short term loans may possibly help you improve your credit rating, if you pay them back on time and you’re sure that you are taking out your loan for the right reasons. Common reasons for this include: an emergency home repair, repairing a major appliance that has broken down, fixing your car so that you can get to work or paying off a bill before you get hit with a painful late fee and getting a dark mark on your credit history.

It is important that you always borrow money responsibly. If you are considering taking out a loan for the purpose of making a purchase, this might not be the best reason to take out a loan. Also be sure to consider your ability to repay the loan carefully and never borrow more than is reasonable for you to pay back within the term of your loan. Not only does taking this extra step increase your chances of approval, it will help you on your way to improving your credit by making sure that you make your payment on time.