No Hard Credit Check Personal Loans

Can I get a personal loan with no credit check?

No credit check personal loans do not exist. Some companies advertise that they offer these to their clients, but this is incredibly misleading and unethical. Every lender performs some kind of credit verification, even if all they do is take a look at your pay stub to see how much you made on your last paycheque, this is a kind of credit check. To say that they do no credit check at all is dishonest and this is not how the lending industry works.

What are no credit check personal loans?

The marketing speak says that “no credit check personal loans” are loans that are provided to the customer without any kind of credit check. As we have just discussed, this is not accurate. Every lender performs some type of credit verification and no matter what you do, if you request a personal loan, you will have to under go a credit check. You shouldn’t let that discourage you though, because there are a variety of types of credit checks. There are hard verifications, or traditional checks, that look in depth at your lending history going back several years and there are non-traditional credit verifications, also billed as “no hard credit check” which focus on your ability to repay the loan right now.

Where can you get a no credit check personal loan?

Even though you can’t get a bad credit personal loan without a credit verification of some kind, it’s still possible to qualify for one even if you have bad credit, a poor credit score or no credit at all. The direct lenders working with provide loans of between $100 and $1000 with a less invasive type of check that looks at your paystub and your current outgoing expenses. These lenders also often do not require any kind of collateral for your loan. This gives you a better chance at approval, even if you have had a bad patch financially.

Why choose our no hard credit check personal loans?

At NCR Loans, we take this a step further by putting your request in front of multiple lenders, this gives you more chances at getting your request approved because if one lender chooses not to work with you, there’s always the possibility that another might. It is our belief that everyone should be able to request a loan, regardless of their credit history, and this is why we are in this business. We aim to help our clients get loans no matter what their need. All you have to do is fill out our easy to use form that takes just three to five minutes to complete. Be sure to include all of your relevant details and that the information you provide is accurate, or it might slow up the approval process.

Your privacy matters to us too, because of that we use industry standard best practices for security so you can be confident that the information you provide to us is protected. There’s no need to worry about it getting lost in a filing cabinet or forgotten about by a clerk at a store.